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About Us

Innovate. Integrate. Implement.

" Happiness of civilization lies in its food bowl and we take pride at growing prosperity of farmers using our technology."

" Economic growth of modern civilization lies in optimally and safely using electricity. We take pride when we come across electric contractors using our technology for safe jointing system for cable laying."

" Availability of potable water and disposal of sewer waste for urban and rural habitations, are major challenges of present times. We take pride when we see infrastructure companies using pipes produced with help of our technology."

" Telecommunication has witnessed dramatic advances and we see in our kaleidoscope a flat world connected via seamless communication networks. We take pride when we see cable used for network encased in our jointing technology."

Welcome to Vihan Engineering

A company with a vision to play an important role in bringing sustained happiness with overflowing food bowl, growth with safety, harnessing precious resource such as water and ensuring seamless connectivity forever.

Vihan, since 1994, has relentlessly endeavored to offer ingenuous
solutions to Plastic Pipe Producers so that end users of plastic pipes
could derive benefit of technological advancement.


Vihan attributes its success of carving out its own identity among
established suppliers of Plastic Pipe Processing machinery, on account
of ability of its team's skills & abilities to:


To blend aspirations with intelligence

To inculcate culture of precision manufacturing practices with perseverance

To design and develop machines around specifications and type of use of end products

To remain committed to customers by adopting ethical business practices

Our Standards

We @Vihan believe that Quality is the fruit of continuous development and best manufacturing practices. Our team utilizes Industry Leading Design & Machining software to drive innovation.

Our Customers

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