Manufacturing IT Services

Process Mapping

  • Service provided from existing Network Layout Mapping to prioritized gaps/opportunity list

  • Whole package will cover executed assessments, recommendations and highlighted key areas for immediate improvement including Cyber Security & Network Protocols

  • Provides an accurate picture of how to efficiently manage Production & Enterprise Networks


  • Implement network overhaul in case of existing setups or a new Network Structure to distinguish Plant & Enterprise Networks

  • Provide/Install new servers (Virtual/Local) to ensure proper & accurate data logging

  • Initiate Network Firewalls (Cyber Security), Limited WiFi/Internet Access (using MAC Addresses), MS Exchange Server Upgrades, Critical Data Locks & independent computer backup/internet control

  • Centralize Site Network Operations


  • Protect Control Networks (Machine Networks) from Enterprise (office) Networks

  • Reduce downtime due to congestion on Networks

  • Stop vulnerable data from being exposed

  • Keep centralized control over all independent work stations

  • Limit data theft