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Legacy Equipment Overhaul

KTLO - Keep The Lights On

Turn Key Legacy Equipment Overhaul

  • Services provided from analyzing the best retrofit options to installation & commissioning with detailed documentation of the overhaul (electrical schematics, mechanical drawings etc.) + after installation support/on-call.

  • Upgrades (PLC, Servos/Drives, Robots etc.) to match higher equipment efficiency & spare part availability.

Successful Projects

  • Legacy Adept VM Cobra Robots & Vision System to Adept eCobra 600 & Vision System)

  • Legacy Siemens Ti505 PLC upgraded for a like for like Controller (No Programming Change, Plug & Play)

  • Legacy Pneumatic Pick & Place systems upgraded to IAI Robo Cylinders & Smart Actuators


  • Reduced Equipment Downtime

  • Newer, Reliable & Efficient Control Systems

  • Less impact to OEE, Production & Maintenance schedules

  • Current legacy equipment replacements have higher risk on product quality & reliability

  • Taskforce (operators, electricians, technicians etc.) development to meet industry standards & innovation

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