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Innovation @Vihan

Unmatched Customization

Innovative solutions are focused at reducing labor intensive work by implementing reliable but sustainable environmentally friendly solutions which are achieved by increasing reliability of equipment & processes.

AccuForm Servo Series

All Servo Belling Machine

No Pneumatic/Hydraulic Systems

Reduced Maintenance


For years, we’ve been proud to be recognized as an innovative company. To stay on top, we’ve spent countless hours in designing newer & efficient models of existing processes. 

This new ALL Electric Belling Machine is more superior than conventional pneumatic & hydraulic driven systems for accuracy and bend quality not to forget the higher consistency due to reduced maintenance.

All new Coupler Series

Double Ended Coupler Machine

Completely Servo Controlled

No Pneumatic/Hydraulic Systems

Reduced Maintenance


We at Vihan are always on the lookout to improve efficiency of our customer's processes with help of innovating our existing products.

Double Ended Coupler Series was a direct result of that effort. With ability to socket either one side or dual sides of pipes ranging from 3m to 6m length along with automatic cutting and feeding, this machine has increased production efficiency of SWR/Solvent Pipes by over 30%.

AFS 110-2.png
AFS-DES-110-1 Front.png
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